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Critical Dialogues Across Differences (CDAD)

Open to all UC Berkeley students!

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Program Background

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General Information
Critical Dialogues Across Differences (CDAD) courses are designed to provide Cal students with a space for learning about issues of difference, conflict and community through dialogue. In a culturally and socially diverse society, discussion of differences is needed to facilitate understanding and build relationships among people.

Through this course, students will explore their own narrative and those of others in various social and institutional contexts, all the while learning from each others' perspectives and from the practice of dialogue.

Dialogue is not debate. Dialogue requires learning to listen, asking questions of others and oneself, and committing to understanding other perspectives, even those with which we may not agree. Students will also explore ways of taking action to create change and bridge differences at the interpersonal and social/community levels. In-class learning will be enhanced through readings, films, weekly journal-writing, and a final reflection paper. For additional information, see the Fall 2015 Dialogue Sessions descriptions.

Enrollment Process

Enroll through Telebears! We will accommodate as many students as possible while maintaining an optimal size for the dialogue process.

If you have any questions, please contact CDAD at cdad@berkeley.edu.

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Critical Dialogues On Facebook


Program Background

The vision for Critical Dialogues Across Differences is to assist in creating a campus community where all of its members feel valued, respected, and appreciated for their distinct qualities, beliefs, and talents. Our mission is to create a culturally competent UC Berkeley student community that is poised for leadership in a global society. To that end, our Critical Dialogues program focuses on social cognitive and democracy outcomes such as: comfort with conflict, awareness of multiple identities (both personal and social), taking action, and identifying self interest vs. public good in order to achieve this vision(1).
We are members of the UC Berkeley campus community that want to aid in the realization of this vision. The charge for this group of individuals is to facilitate semester long dialogues with Cal students across a wide range of categories, including but not limited to: dialogues across racial, gender, class, sexuality, ability, religious/faith, and political affiliations.
CDAD Facilitator Team

Jason Anthony, Academic Leadership Coordinator, RH&S: Residential Programs

Bie Aweh, Residence Director, RH&S: Residential Programs
James Kato, Residence Director, RH&S: Residential Programs
Legacy Lee, Academic Leadership Coordinator, RH&S: Residential Programs
Dawn Martin-Rugo, Director, Recreational Sports, RH&S: Family Living
Maria Lucero Padilla, Academic Leadership Coordinator, RH&S: Residential Programs

Through their work, facilitators benefit in the following ways:

  • The opportunity to work with, get to know, and truly bond with colleagues who share your commitment to engagement through dialogue;
  • To get to know Cal students more intimately by guiding them through difficult conversations;
  • To gain high level competency and expertise in facilitating dialogues; and
  • To be part of a pilot program at Cal that may lead to greater UC, regional, and national involvement.
Contact Us

If you are interested in getting more information or participating in the program please contact CDAD at cdad@berkeley.edu.

(updated 9/2015)

1 Hurtado, S., Nelson Laird, T., Meader, E., and Washington, H. (2000, March). Preparing College Students for a Diverse Democracy: A Collaborative Project. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Association for Higher Education.